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Should you buy Paid Traffic?

Generally speaking, SEO is exclusively pertaining to organic traffic. We optimize our websites with SEO to increase organic traffic. Organic traffic means people who have clicked through to your website without going via an ad. Paid traffic is all traffic that clicked through to your website by seeing an advertisement and clicking on it. In Google’s search engine, it looks like the following.

What’s the difference between Paid and Organic?

Organic traffic are website visitors that naturally stumble upon your website by searching with a keyword phrase that resembles your content. This traffic is free to the website owner, and directly aligns with the purpose of well-implemented SEO principles (example below). Paid traffic creates an advertisement at the top of the Google results page (example below). This will push viewers to your website quickly and efficiently, but it costs money. The price range of the traffic varies depending on the niche that the website occupies, and the keywords that you would like to rank for. However, for quick results this could prove to be an effective way to drive traffic when testing new website changes.

Organic Traffic

The organic results for the search, “dog food”, shows other URLs below the top sponsored posts. While the advertisement shows up first, it may not be driving the amount of traffic that the other top results are receiving. It is dependent upon the other factors that create a website’s strengths.
SEO Google regular traffic

Paid Traffic

Below is a photo of a paid advertisement for dog food. This website is ranked above all others for the same search, even large companies like PetCo. However, this keyword phrase and its paid traffic numbers may be expensive to maintain because the marketing budget is continually used over time. GoogleAds has the ability to set targeted advertising budgets for the content that you want to sponsor, and will not exceed this “marketing budget” you set.


GoogleAds is the tool that websites use to determine their advertising budgets, the cost-per-click for each of the keyword phrases, and the duration of the marketing campaign for each URL. This tool is similar to the Facebook and Instagram demographic targeting interfaces for sponsored social media posts, but for websites.

GoogleAds is a huge topic and requires a lot of in-depth research to truly understand. Because of its complexity, we recommend watching this quick tutorial video that helps to break down the key concepts. The things to pay attention to are:

  • Budgeting
  • Marketing campaign length
  • Sponsoring specific URLs

Using paid traffic can be especially useful in running promotional sales, but shouldn’t necessarily be used as the sole traffic driver for the site.

A Note About Paid Traffic

Paid traffic does not boost the overall PageRank of your website. This will help to boost traffic in a separate category than the actual “SEO” styled rank that a well-structured website is attempting to attain. Overall, paid traffic can not replace a well-crafted website in the long run.