21CM is a project of Ascend Business Design and Development – a team of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs to make their businesses successful.  Ascend makes sophisticated business tools and strategies accessible to companies to drive growth and profitability.

Ascend offers advisory services, digital marketing services,  financial management services to drive profitable growth for startups and growing companies.

We are also a community, sharing knowledge and skills across our clients, making everyone more successful.  And having a great time in the process!

The 21CM Team

Brad Barbeau, Business Strategist

Brad Barbeau, MBA, Ph.D., Founder

Brad Barbeau, Ph.D., is passionate about helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into successful companies.

In addition to founding Ascend Business Design and Development, he is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the CSU Monterey Bay College of Business and Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (iiED) at CSU Monterey Bay.

As a professor, Brad teaches new venture design, new venture formation, and entrepreneurial finance. As Executive Director for the iiED, he trains entrepreneurs and advises entrepreneurial ventures.

With Ascend Business Design and Development, Brad helps startups and growing companies create and implement marketing and financial strategies to achieve and sustain profitable growth.

Email Brad at brad@ascend.us.com


Anjika Grinager, Graphic Designer

Anjika Grinager, Design Guru

As Design Guru at Ascend Business Design and Development, Anjika Grinager assists companies with developing and presenting their corporate culture through mindful design.

She creates integrated design and content that presents compelling value propositions to potential clients and customers. Good design is an ongoing process that can be measured and improved through reviewing analytics and audience engagement.

She joins the Ascend team in designing and developing comprehensive and integrated marketing strategies for clients.

Anjika believes that any company can be a social enterprise and encourages companies to explore how they can build their brand through effective collaboration with the communities they serve.

Email Anjika at anjika@ascend.us.com


Jennifer Calderon, Social Media Specialist

Jennifer Calderon is the social media marketing specialist for Ascend Business Design and Development. She has an extensive background in social media management for several different organization. She has also studied digital marketing  at the Paris School of Business in Paris, France.

Through analytics, timely content distribution, and creativity, Jennifer works to create the best plan for each company’s unique social media needs. Through implementing targeted social media strategies Jennifer builds brand exposure, connects with potential customers, and increases conversion.

Jennifer believes when social media is managed properly, it can bring businesses to a new level of excellence.

Jennifer is a graduate of CSU Monterey Bay’s College of Business, with a concentration in marketing.

Email Jennifer at jennifer@ascend.us.com

Kennedy Marshall

Kennedy Marshall, Video and Social Media Intern

Kennedy Marshall is a Marketing Intern for Ascend Business Design and Development. She is currently earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis in marketing at California State University, Monterey Bay. 
She is the latest addition to the team and is thrilled to help companies grow through the help of marketing. Kennedy is interested in creating eye-catching content as well as editing videos from our Meetups.
Kennedy believes that social media marketing is taking companies to the next level with easier access to communicate with consumers.

Gabrielle Forbes, Content and Social Media Intern

Gabrielle Forbes is a social media marketing intern for Ascend Business Design and Development. She is a dedicated scholar-athlete pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at California State University, Monterey Bay. She has a broad background in graphic design and social media management and is developing skills in digital marketing.