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Should You Buy Paid Traffic?

This is a common conversation across the internet. Some say site traffic has an affect on PageRank, some don’t. We are going to clarify this conversation for you so that you can focus on what really matters when optimizing your site. 

The Purpose of SEO

So, let’s think about this. What is the main result you are looking for from improved SEO? First and foremost, it’s getting a higher ranking in the search engines. This is a race. Winning means ranking high enough to end up on the front page of the search engines. Ultimately, you want to increase visitors to your site, right? AKA increase site traffic.

If this is true, it would mean that to increase site traffic you would have to have all the other components of good SEO in order too. In other words, the only way to get more site traffic from search is to improve your overall SEO. So, why would we worry about increasing site traffic as a means to improve PageRank? That wouldn’t make sense. This question by itself is irrelevant to you, as the end goal is in fact to increase site traffic through good SEO.

We recommend that when you are trying to improve the PageRank of your site, you leave this question out of it. Take a look at all the other chapters in this guide to improve your SEO. Ultimately, this will increase your site traffic, which increases your sites popularity, which improves your PageRank. And this iteration continues.

But hang on a minute…

There is one thing missing here. What about paid traffic? Is it true that you can increase visitors to your site simply by having deeper pockets? Does this improve PageRank? Am I dead in the sea versus my competitors if I don’t have an enormous marketing budget?

Not at all! You can still outrank your competitors with good SEO even if they pay thousands of dollars in advertisements to improve site traffic. These search engines are pretty smart. Take a look at Paid Traffic vs Organic Traffic to learn more about this!