In these Digital Marketing Meetups, we learn how to harness the power of 21st Century Marketing tools and strategies to build businesses. The Meetups feature informative presentations and discussions and the Tip of the Month.

Join us for a valuable evening on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Hellodesk Monterey! Joint our Meetup group and register for the next Meetup here

January 2020 – Damon O’Hanlon on “Get Them Talking: How Viral Marketing Can Supercharge Your Business.”

Damon O’Hanlon on “Get Them Talking: How Viral Marketing Can Supercharge Your Business.”

Damon O’Hanlon of Wandering Sage Consulting leads a discussion of how to make your digital marketing go viral. Wandering Sage Consulting helps clients design, refine and execute their brand strategy. Key projects completed include Buffer, Ricoh, and Y Combinator.

Part 1

Part 2

October 2019 – Megumi Reagan on “Solidifying Your Digital Footprint: Creating Effective Blog Content.”

Megumi Reagan will present “Solidifying Your Digital Footprint: Creating Effective Blog Content.”

Want to increase your reach and expand your skill set in less than 2 hours? Megumi Reagan will demonstrate how to strategically create blog content to power your inbound marketing.  

Join us for an engaging evening with Megumi! Register here. 

September 2019 – Brad Barbeau on “Driving Sales Through Your Digital Marketing Funnel”

Announcement of the meetup topic

Brad Barbeau presented “Driving Sales Through Your Digital Marketing Funnel.”

How to build marketing funnels and drive customers in and through them. Brad’s talk is captured in a three-part YouTube video series, shown below. 

Part 1: Tools for the Top of the Marketing Funnel

Part 2: Tools for the Middle of the Marketing Funnel

Part 3: Tools for the Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

August 2019 – Michael Buffo on Leveraging the Camcorders In Our Pockets

Michael Buffo, CEO of eDirector, presented “Leveraging The Camcorders In Our Pocket To Drive Influence.”

Want to increase your video marketing knowledge and expand your skill set in less than 2 hours? Watch the video of the Meetup — Michael Buffo, the eDirector, presenting: Leveraging the Camcorders in our Pocket to Drive Influence. 

Mike shows us how we can use Instagram stories and our phones (the “camcorders in our pockets”) to record engaging content and build our influence. 

July 2019 – Adam Gordon on Digital Marketing: How You Win

Adam Gordon, Storyteller In Chief of the Oya Group, presents Digital Marketing: How You Win.

Adam says, “A story without data is fantasy; data without a story is boring. A great story well-told is uber engaging. Touch your audience’s hearts and you’ll get their heads and inspire action. 

My marketing combines classic knowledge and innovative approaches. I believe that when you use technology to be available and present and then deliver content based on the fundamentals of human communication, it makes your marketing much more productive. 

Finally, I still love writing copy and am proud to call myself a copywriter. What else allows you to paint pictures in other people’s heads?”

June 2019 – John Derrick, CEO of Skywriter, on the brand new Skywriter Digital Media Platform

John Derrick, CEO of Skywriter presents the Skywriter platform for content management, curation and dissemination.

May 2019 – Digital Marketing through Paid Social Media

Kourosh Behnma presenting at 21st Century Marketing Meetup

Kourosh Behnam, Global Digital Media Associate Manager at Poly, leads a discussion of how to use paid digital media, specifically Facebook ads, to build your brand. Kourosh also gave a three-part interview on digital marketing.

April Tip of the Month

This month Jennifer Calderon, Social Media Specialist for Ascend Business Design & Development, explains how you can find out more about your competitors by going under the hood in Facebook.

April 2019 (live link)

An introduction to Search Engine Optimization presentated by a team of business students from CSU Monterey Bay.

March 2019 (live link)

February 2019 (live link)

Jennifer Calderon, social media specialist for Ascend, presented strategies, tools, and techniques for efficient and effective brand building and digital marketing through social media.  See the video of her presentation here.

Tip of the month: Using color in web design

January 2019 (live link)

Get Found! See January’s presentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Matt LeBaron, CEO of Revvim. Matt and Revvim have created the first automated cloud-based service that maximizes organic search revenue from a given set of keywords for a specific domain. Revvim’s customers span a wide range of industries including e-commerce, agencies, high tech and B2B. Find out how to move your business up in the search rankings and drive more customers to your site!